Pallet Bed With Lights: DIY Glowing Pallet Bed

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Build a pallet bed with lights if you want a novel and inexpensive method to brighten up your bedroom. This do-it-yourself project gives your bedroom a warm, inviting atmosphere in addition to being useful. We’ll walk you through the process of making your own illuminated pallet bed in this article.

Pallet Bed With Lights


  • six pallets (more or less depending on the size of your bed)
  • Paint with sandpaper (optional)
  • timber screws
  • String lights drilled
  • cord extension

First, prepare the pallets.

Pallet Bed With Lights

To start, sand the pallets to get rid of any splinters or sharp edges. The pallets can also be painted in the color of your choice, while this step is optional. Before moving on to the following stage, let the paint completely dry.

Second, Put the Base Together

Pallet Bed With Lights

Put the pallets in your bed’s shape and dimensions on the floor. The corners and sides of the pallets should be screwed together with wood screws. Before continuing, make sure the pallets are solid and secure.

Third, Install the lights

Pallet Bed With Lights

Next, drill the pallets where you want the lights to go using holes. The string lights should be woven in and out of the pallets as you pass them through the perforations. As soon as you are happy with the way the lights are positioned, plug them into an extension chord.

Fourth, Add the Mattress

Pallet Bed With Lights

Put your mattress on top of the pallets and make any required adjustments. Your light-up pallet bed is now ready for use!


Q: Is there any kind of pallet I can use for this project?
Any pallet in good shape and strong enough to hold the weight of the mattress may be used.

Q: What number of lights should I use?
Your own preferences and the size of your bed will determine how many lights you use. For a twin or full-size bed, 100 to 200 lights should be enough, while a queen or king-size bed may require 300 to 400 lights.

Q: Can I replace my string lights with LED lights?
Yes, you can use LED lights in place of string lights. To provide a cozy feeling, just make sure they are made for indoor use and have a warm or soft white color temperature.

Q: I want to conceal the extension cord.
The extension cord can be concealed under the headboard or bedframe, or it can be made to mix in with the wall by using cord covers.

Q: On a pallet bed, are string lights safe to use?
It is safe to use lights on a pallet bed as long as they are intended for indoor usage and aren’t too close to combustible objects. To avoid overheating, be sure to turn off the lights when not in use.

Finally, a pallet bed with lights is a simple and enjoyable do-it-yourself project that can bring a little whimsy and coziness to any bedroom. You can design your own comfortable and distinctive sleeping place with only a few simple materials and a little imagination. Enjoy your brand-new illuminated pallet bed after giving it a try!


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