DIY Plant Stand Ideas That Are Actually Furniture – Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

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A well-designed plant stand may help improve your plant’s appeal and make it the center of your interior design. Indoor plants are a wonderful way to add life and color to your house. But store-bought plant stands can be pricey, and they frequently lack the distinctiveness and customization that come with a DIY endeavor. This post will go over 10 DIY plant stand ideas that are not only practical but also give your indoor plants a little extra flair.

Planter is Made of a Wooden Crate

If you’re short on space in your house, this simple plant stand is the ideal solution. A wooden crate, a few screws, and some paint are all you need to make a practical and fashionable plant stand that can accommodate multiple little plants. Crates can be stacked on top of one another to make a vertical garden that serves as a room divider.

Plant Stand in the Mid-Century Style

The mid-century modern design is highly trendy, and you may use it to make a chic and modern plant stand. Although this is a do-it-yourself project, considerable woodworking expertise is required to create the lovely plant stand that will be the finished product. To create a distinctive appearance, you can use several types of wood and paint to provide a pop of color.

Standing Concrete Plant

A concrete plant stand can be the ideal do-it-yourself project for you if you want to make a plant stand that is both strong and stylish. A little bit of patience and familiarity with dealing with concrete is needed for this project. Once the stand has dried, you can paint it or leave it unpainted for a more contemporary, industrial aesthetic.

Plant Stand That Hangs

If you have a small amount of floor space, hanging plant stands are ideal. Using a few wooden dowels, some twine, and a few little plant pots, you can make your own hanging plant stand. Making this craft is quick and simple, and you can customize it to match your space by varying the twine’s length.

Plant Stand Made from an Old Chair

Don’t toss away that old chair you have hanging around just yet! By removing the seat and adding a few wooden planks, you can turn it into a chic and useful plant stand. For those who enjoy giving used furniture new life through upcycling, this project is ideal.

Standing Copper Pipe Plant

A variety of DIY projects can be made with copper pipes because they are versatile materials. A few copper pipes, a few fittings, and a few wooden planks can be combined to make a chic plant stand. For those who adore the industrial style and want to give their indoor plants a refined touch, this project is ideal.

Natural Plant Stand

Using tree branches, you can make a DIY plant stand that has a rustic and natural appearance. The finished product, a lovely and distinctive plant stand that will bring a touch of nature to your home design, takes some basic carpentry abilities.

Modern Plant Stand

A minimalist plant stand may be exactly what you need to display your indoor plants because, sometimes, less really is more. Using a few wooden planks and some screws, you can make a simple plant stand. This project is ideal for those who value simplicity and a sleek appearance.

Old-fashioned Suitcase Plant Stand

You may turn an old suitcase into a one-of-a-kind plant stand if you enjoy vintage and retro design. An old suitcase, a few wooden planks, and some paint are all you need to make a unique plant stand that will bring a sense of nostalgia to your home decor.


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