150 hours after the earthquake in Turkey, rescue workers are still saying, “You are a miracle.”

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Seven months after Monday’s catastrophic earthquake, rescuers in Hatay, southern Turkey, have retrieved a newborn from the wreckage of a building.

Cudie, a 12-year-old girl from Hatay, was rescued 147 hours after she became trapped.

According to state media, on Sunday, rescuers told a 13-year-old in Gaziantep, “You are a miracle.”

Over 30,000 individuals in Turkey and Syria have already been verified dead.

Since Friday, Syria has not released a new death toll, raising concerns that the actual figure is more significant.

On the ground, there is a growing realization that the rescue operation will soon end, and with it, the hope of discovering many more people.

The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense Force, have informed the BBC that their search and rescue operations in rebel-held portions of the nation are coming to an end.

Overnight, though, tens of thousands of rescue workers persisted in their efforts across Turkey and Syria.

The rescue of two sisters from 15 flats ends with only three people alive.

On Saturday, rescuers were able to retrieve Hamza, a newborn who had been trapped for seven months; a video released by local authorities showed the rescuers celebrating by clapping and hugging one other.

Later on Sunday morning, a different video released by the Turkish health ministry showed a young girl being transported on a stretcher in the same province while wearing a neck brace and looking around.

A father and his daughter were seen being rescued from a burning building in Hatay. He requests two cups of high-quality tea, one of the rescuers says.

As search-and-rescue efforts wind down, though, attention shifts to recovery and taking stock of the situation.

The earthquake caused the collapse of thousands of buildings, leading some to wonder if human error contributed to the disaster’s severity.

While visiting a catastrophe area earlier in the week, Turkish President Erdogan blamed fate for the response’s failures.

That’s how things have always been, he added. You could say that “it’s written in the stars.”

Twelve persons, including contractors, have been arrested after authorities obtained 113 arrest warrants related to the construction of the collapsed buildings.

Fallen earthquake-proof structures

U.N. relief director Martin Griffiths has said the world has “failed the people in north-west Syria,” despite criticism from Syrian rescue workers.

“They are understandably upset by this. Hopeful for foreign assistance that has yet to materialize, “His words.

White Helmets member Ismail al Abdullah told the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville that the international community has “blood on its hands.”


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